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VSGNE/NESVS Vascular Research Fellowship

The VSGNE/NESVS Vascular Research Fellowship will run for 12 months (July 2022-August 2023). The course will consist of 12 lectures which will take place virtually on a monthly basis. Additionally, residents and medical students will be paired with a research mentor who will help them complete a vascular research project.

The project should focus on using VQI data and the mentor will provide assistance on project design, submitting a proposal to the regional RAC, statistical analysis, submission of an abstract to either VAM or the VSGNE regional meeting and writing of the paper. The first half of the year will focus on how to complete a VQI project, while the second half of the year will provide education on other types of research projects. Participants will also be invited to attend a Research Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting and take part in the twice-yearly VSGNE meeting.


Below are links to the VSGNE/NESVS Vascular Research Fellowship lecture series.

Find a VSIG

Vascular Surgery Interest Groups (VSIG) promote vascular-related research and service activities to students early in their medical career and assist students as they seek valuable career mentorship.

View the list of groups registered with the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) to find a VSIG near you.

Vascular Surgery Training Programs

To view ACGME-accredited vascular surgery training programs (both integrated residency and fellowship programs) in New England click here.

Vascular Surgery Training Pathways

In 2006, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) approved the Primary Certificate in Vascular Surgery which eliminates the requirement for certification in general surgery prior to certification in vascular surgery. This creates more than one training pathway.

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NESVS DEI Statement

DEI Mission Statement

The NESVS values diversity, equity and inclusion within our region and our profession. We uphold that all persons should be treated with fairness and respect regardless of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, age, socioeconomic status, ability/disability or beliefs. We commit to fostering equity in our relationships with our colleagues, as well as in the delivery of compassionate, comprehensive care to all our patients. We recognize that embracing and actively pursuing diversity adds value and strength to our work and our community. We will strive for inclusion as a profession and a Society. We will actively encourage membership, and provide support, mentorship and representation to all engaged in the practice of vascular surgery in the region. Through promotion of these values, we seek to achieve the highest level of patient care, research and education.